What’s Included With My Boat Rental?

Your Cedar Creek Lake watercraft rental will include all required safety equipment.

All boats include Bluetooth speakers, Bimini shades, and GPS navigation.

We do not require wetsuit bottoms with your jet ski rental but we highly recommend them. If you don’t have wet suit bottoms, you can purchase or rent them from us.

What Should I Pack For A Day On The Water?

We recommend you pack a cooler, towels, sunscreen, and tubes. If you’re renting a fishing boat, don’t forget your tackle box and fishing rod.

You can bring alcohol for the passengers, however, it is illegal to operate the boat while intoxicated in Texas. Designate a sober sailor to drive your group.

No smoking - There is no smoking on Southside Water Sports watercrafts.

Do I Need a Boat License to Drive?

If you were born after September 1993, you must get a boater education certificate from the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. This certification takes about 4 hours to complete. You can print out your certification and bring it with you.

You must be 21 years or older to rent any watercraft. If you were born before 09/93, you do not need a boater education certificate, but be sure to bring your driver's license.

Will You Teach Me How to Drive?

Yes! We’ll meet you at Log Cabin City Park & Boat Ramp for training, including:

  • Reviewing your waiver
  • Checking your driver’s license
  • Demonstrating how to use GPS
  • Inspecting your safety equipment
  • Teaching you how to put the bimini up and down
  • Instructing you on how to drive the boat or jet ski safely

Training takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

Full-Service Family Oriented

When you book with Southside Water Sports, our team will manage the details so you can sit back and cruise.

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